Why use a bamboo toilet paper?

  • Health Benefits
    •  The Antibacterial properties prevent growth of harmful bacteria with surface contact. Our bamboo is constructed with bambusa robusta species. The bamboo kun within the plant species between the nodes carry 40% of a chemical active ingredient cellulose which blocks the growth E Coli. E coli is bad bacteria commonly found in your stool that can cause diarrhea.
  • Prevents Deforestation
    • According to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, one hardwood tree produces about 100 pounds of toilet paper and about 83 million rolls are produced per day. On earth we consume 27,000 trees daily to make toilet paper. Bamboo is a great alternative source, which is technically a grass not wood and grows back almost as quick as it is chopped down. Bamboo produces significantly more fiber on less land than trees resulting in a less of a impact on our environment. 
  • Paper Consumption Reduction
    • Millions of trees are harvested around the world resulting in ecological footprint concerns.Using bamboo as an earth-friendly alternative significantly reduces consumption of hardwood-made paper. 
  • Durable, Cooler, Softer
    • Bamboo’s natural properties make it inherently stronger than hardwoods and durable. It is cooler and softer to the touch, which is a great benefit when it comes to toilet paper handling.
  • Bamboo is 100 percent biodegradable!
    • Bamboo is cleaner, safer soils, easier on our landfills, better for dirt quality, and doesn’t leave as many leftover unusable byproducts during production. Bottom line bamboo is a earth-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper.